Connecting Your Users ....Wherever They Are

This will be one of the keys to your success and is one of the protocols that sets Connect Computers apart from many other VAR's. Not only can we provide you with a complete network but we will manage it all for you too.

 Wide Area Networking neither needs be expensive or complicated. But is does need to be setup properly using a simple but sophisticated model. By sophisticated the emphasis is on functionality.

Core functionality is installed at the main site and therefore the benefits can be enjoyed by all the connected users of your sites.

This ensures excellent security integrity a all users logon securely to the main site via a Windows Terminal Services client and all user logons are processed via the Terminal Server all clients must access to logon. This is transparent to the user.

Branches are extremely inexpensive to setup as the investment you have made at your main site is leveraged each time you add a new branch or out-worker that needs to access the main site.

Before We Start
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Reasons to Network

There are many good reasons to network your systems -

  • All branch sites connect to a central location
  • Multiple branches can connect concurrently
  • Allows mobile and out-workers to connect
  • Publish Information once & share it with all staff
  • Simplifies management and rollouts of software
  • Central updating and upgrading
  • Automatic central Antivirus updates
  • Secure User logon auditing
  • Policies & Procedures online
  • Critical Hardware managed from one location

Reasons to Network

Wide Area Networking ensures the smooth performance and running of your system from a central location and simplifies your life.

It also means that you only need the minimum of equipment at the branch and other remote sites in order to connect to the main site and enjoy the benefits and privileges of the central network.