Different Options To Suit You
All Businesses have different needs and we know that you are no exception. If you are a large Business or have many connected branches you may decide to use full internal and external Email with Internet Access embedded at every desktop.

Clearing Out The Clutter
Many businesses are now striving to remove the bane of their lives - paper! Yes the Paperless Office is now a reality with the introduction of fast network digital scanners and CD-ROM towers to archive the data. Scan your consent forms into client record file and then consign them to the bin!

Efficient Working in Tight Spaces
Our equipment is designed to fit into the smallest areas and Consulting Rooms. Wall mounted flat panel monitors give you back your worktops. Tiny terminals and all the cabling can be sunk into the drawers below. A slim keyboard and mouse is all that remains visible. Flat panels produce practically no heat and we know the consulting rooms get hot enough as it is.

Modular Integration
The great thing about this system is its modularity. You can add additional functionality through options at any time with 'snap in' ease. Little or no configuration is normally necessary.

Everything You Will Ever Need To Complete Your Network!