Site Plans
To implement an effective cabling scheme it is important that the cablers have a clear site plan to work from. A site plan schematic (plan view) of your building showing the desired positioning of all network Data Cable & Mains power points for the new equipment. Also the positioning of all new equipment including workstations, printers, notebooks, scanners and Fileserver. Normally you will have the plans to your building which will be very accurate or you can draw a simple scale line art drawing and mark the points clearly on that. We will need this plan before cabling can commence.

Heritage Orders
Notification of any Grade 1 or 2 order, Heritage Order or other problems affecting your buildings. (For cabling purposes.)

Physical Considerations

  • An dedicated telephone connection to be installed by the Fileserver.  The Installation box must be no more than 3 Metres from the Fileserver for connection to it.
  • Data cable RJ45 points to the required standard and Mains Power points in the correct number for all equipment to be connected run from a 'clean power ring'. In other words, all new equipment must be plugged into a new power circuit that no other devices (Hoovers, x-ray machines) will be plugged into. This ring is specifically for PC Use only and promotes system integrity.
  • An additional RJ45 Network access point is required within 3 metres of the Fileserver to be used for a visiting field engineer to access the Fileserver for repair, upgrade or diagnostics.
Make sure you have a detailed Site Plan