Mission Critical Server
When you are running a mission critical application and distributing the resources around Windows Based Terminals, then the majority of the work is actually done by this machine. It is state of the art engineering that has been rigourously tested by Hewlett Packard not to let you down.

You cannot afford 'down time' nor should you accept it. Mechanical failure is always possible, but the correct choice of hardware can and will inevitable minimise this particular misery.

It is also important that the Fileserver can scale to your requirements with the simple addition of a second processor or memory (original HP or other Original Manufacturer), as your needs expand. You really do not want to be in the position of having to take it offline or replace it just to add a few more users.

Compaq Fileserver

Proven Systems
Over the past 30 years, Connect has been involved in implementing many businesses with Computer Network Solutions.  We have vast experience through this we are able to demonstrate patterns that cause problems in a network installation.  There are a number of common reasons for potential network problems

Old mismatched Computers
Old existing PC's that use a variety of Operating systems and different versions of software.

Equipment Failure
When equipment starts failing it is very difficult to find the actual fault. It might be a network card reacting to the video card, IRQ conflict, memory or CPU. Sometimes faults can take days, weeks, if ever to solve effectively.  Usually, with old equipment the first real load put on the network is the day you go live, which is a very inopportune time for problems.

Inexperienced Technicians
Small computer shops that build their own machines. They do not have much network experience, which is naturally a recipe for disaster, nor do they have the infrastructure to offer you properly remotely managed solutions.