Build & Design Services


Site Surveys & Cabling
We undertake a Site Survey prior to the start of your system design and any problems are resolved before our cabling contractors install your cabling and power requirement. All our cabling systems are NIC approved.

Network Design & Project Management
We design your system then manage the build, testing, installation and implementation or it all. We can provide advanced user training in systems management and control procedures and protocols for all of your staff.

Resilient Hardware Systems
Using the most reliable hardware available from market leading vendors. Integration provides a practically bombproof hardware layer  that even in the event of an emergency is simple to repair due to modular design.

Wide Area Networking
We design from single site to sophisticated Wide area Networks, connecting multiple sites, mobile workers and out-workers to a central location, so that you can all share information from anywhere.

Gadgetboy® Robotised Fileserver Solutions
We specialise in Windows Server based thin client solutions highly engineered & robotised Servers to produce what we believe is one of the most advanced  Windows solutions available today.

Strategies & Solutions


Internet & Email System
A hardware accredited Firewall solution that provides you with the communications protection it needs & provides company wide Internet access and Individual email to every member of your staff via DSL.

Document Management
Scanning is the strategy deployed to give you control over your documents. Digitisation of all your company documents is the key to all of your documents becoming available to all of your staff, whatever their  location.

Colour Publishing
Your business is not complete without the ability to publish all in-house and marketing material on demand. This is easily achievable and is based on the need for the shortest to longest production runs.

Internal Policy ® Policies & Procedures
Deploy powerful and instantly updatable Policies & Procedures. Remove out of date manuals and notice boards. Once published online on an Intranet they are available to your staff at all times.

ISO & QMS Auditing
All your documentation can be ISO and QMS audited online. Not only show that you have the policies and procedures but demonstrate to your ISO or QMS auditor that you all use them, quickly and easily.